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The Diapason
The American Organist (Monthly journal of the AGO)
The Tracker (Quarterly journal of the Organ Historical Society)
Choir and Organ
The Organ Quarterly Journal
het Orgel

Boston AGO Library duplicate books and scores available at modest prices
Barbara Owen *owenbar*at*juno*dot*com* a wide variety of books and music September 2015 list
  Craig Cramer *ccramer*at*nd*dot*edu* another great source for used books and music July 2017 list
Organ Historical Society Catalog

  Saint Thomas Church, NYC, new organ progress  (great updates on the progress of this monumental project)
Smithsonian Institution Bibliography
Pipe metal casting and pipemaking in the Ahrend shop (YouTube)
The Cornell Baroque Organ Project
General Historical Background (a very good compilation of links recommended by a visitor to our website)
New organ of stone! in Novelda, Spain   Web article (English)   Video (Spanish and local dialect)
Loud Organs His Glory a BBC presentation on the work of Father Willis
Organs of Oaxaca
Organs of Paris before the revolution
Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ
To Hear the Music (a site supporting a film commemorating the 50th anniversary of C. B. Fisk, Inc. and the
 installation of their opus 139 in Memorial Church, Harvard University - much working footage of interest)

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