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Binghamton, New York Chapter
An Introduction to Wayne Leupold
Organ Demonstrators for Young Children

Saturday, January 23, 10:00am
Grace Lutheran Church
709 Main Street, Vestal
Wayne Leupold Editions has published an extensive series of organ demonstrators. These are scores designed to demonstrate a bit of what the king of instruments is all about. Some include narration. The 50 demonstrators in the series are tailored to different age groups and consist of presentations of both biblical and secular content. In short there are demonstrators for almost any occasion.

Wayne Leupold Organ DemonstratorsOur workshop introducing these has been organized by Jean Henssler. Jean will be joined by fellow organist Richard van Auken and narrator John Holt in presenting the stories of Daniel in the Lion's Den and Noah's Ark. The examples that Jean has selected are geared to upper elementary level and might, for example, be used as Sunday School or Vacation Bible School presentations.

Children and adults from our congregations are most welcome to attend. The program will last about an hour and will be followed by refreshments.

The above illustration is one of those accompanying the Organ Demonstrator Melodia and Major Octave Discover the Organ.

Click here for more information on the Organ Demonstrators.

Click here for the Wayne Leupold Editions website.

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